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Welcome to
Sacred Awaken

Discover a new level of spiritual healing, support, and mentorship!

My name is Michelle, and I am a devoted spiritual teacher, psychic therapist, and wellness coach, on a lifelong mission of healing and empowerment.

Michelle Niver, RN, MSN, Reiki Master
Angel on Beach

Sacred Awaken provides a range of spiritual services including Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Reiki and Energy Medicine,  Sound Baths. Health, Wellness, Life, and Grief Counseling.

I also offer Reiki, Psychic, Mediumship, and Manifestation Classes, as well as personalized mentorship and coaching sessions tailored to your goals.


Take a step towards spiritual growth and healing with my help!

 "The knowledge and abilities she possesses, are absolutely amazing. She was able to see there was a strong, demonic entity in my house. After coaching me through getting rid of the entity, I’ve become stronger, and no longer afraid. Michelle has been a godsend in my life, and a true blessing." ~ D.D.

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