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Come Experience a New Level of Healing

Pet Reiki & Communication

House calls and remote services available


As a passionate Reiki Master with a profound connection to and ability to communicate with animals, I am delighted to offer specialized Pet Reiki Healing services tailored to the unique needs of your beloved furry companion/s.

Whether your pet is recovering from illness or surgery, dealing with anxiety or stress, or simply seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Pet Reiki Healing can provide p
rofound benefits. Through gentle touch or distance healing, I facilitate the natural healing process within your pet, promoting physical wellness, emotional harmony, and overall vitality. I also include a scan of their energy fields and perform energy medicine realignments to the session for an added layer of healing. 

Each Pet Reiki session is conducted with the utmost care and respect for your pet's comfort and well-being. I honor their unique personality and preferences, allowing them to relax and receive the healing energy at their own pace.

Whether you have a playful pup, a serene kitty, a majestic horse, or any other cherished animal companion, they deserve the gentle and loving support of Reiki healing.

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