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Mediumship & Manifestation

In-person - Junction City, OR

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and we all have abilities for mediumship and magical abilities.

This workshop is designed to empower you with the knowledge and practical skills to tap into your spiritual potential and shape the life you desire.

This course includes...

  • Psychic Abilities Unveiled

    • Explore the spectrum of psychic gifts, including the "Clairs," and learn to recognize and appreciate your unique strengths.

    • Gain insights into your psychic abilities and understand how they manifest in our daily lives.


  • Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

    • Discover practical techniques for developing and nurturing your inherent psychic abilities.

    • Receive techniques and psychic exercises to enhance your intuition, understand energy dynamics, and gain the confidence to navigate the spiritual dimensions.


  • Intro to Writing Spells & Clearing Spirit Attachments

    • Explore the world of magic and manifestation.

    • Learn the basics of crafting spells, understanding the power of intention, symbols, and rituals.

    • Additionally, delve into techniques for clearing spirit attachments and creating a harmonious and balanced energetic space.


  • Optional Practice Time

    • Practice in a safe space with the guidance of a psychic mentor

Who Should Attend


  • Individuals curious about psychic abilities, mediumship, and magic

  • Those seeking personal and spiritual development

  • Anyone interested in manifesting positive changes in their life

Why Attend


  • Explore and embrace your innate spiritual abilities

  • Learn practical skills for helping others and manifesting positive changes

  • Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive and uplifting environment

  • Tuition: $198

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