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Dealing with Negative Energies and Entities - Complete Guide

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Negative energies and entities can profoundly influence people and their environments, often without their conscious awareness. Understanding how to recognize and effectively address these spirits is crucial in navigating such challenging circumstances.

As a psychic medium and teacher, ordained minister, and grief counselor, I have worked with numerous cases where negative energies and entities were wreaking havoc in the lives of individuals and families. In this article, I explore these entities' significance—along with their origins, manifestations, and strategies for both prevention and removal.

What Are Negative Energies and Entities?

Negative energies and entities are spirits characterized by malevolence, darkness, and harmful intent. These entities are believed to thrive on lower vibrational energies and seek to influence or manipulate people for their own purposes. They feed off of what we call negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and despair.

Some human spirit attachments can also have ill intent and all are draining to our energies. But for this article, I will be focusing exclusively on negative entities possessing free will, who are capable of breaching the boundaries of our reality through portals.

These negative energies and entities may arise from a variety of sources, including unresolved trauma, spiritual vulnerabilities, and a desire to control that springs from malevolence.

Negative entities also frequently target those with a spiritual calling to help others. They sow doubt, incite discord, and even inflict physical or psychological harm.

I have worked with both adults and children on this type of issue and have observed instances where these entities manipulate children and adults alike into committing harmful actions—even against their better judgment—leading to potential consequences from authorities or loved ones. People I've worked with frequently describe feeling coerced by these entities, unable to resist their influence.

Lastly, environments imbued with negativity, trauma, and spiritual unrest may attract such entities consistently, amplifying their presence and impact.

Common Origin Theories Regarding Negative Energies and Entities

The origin theories of negative spiritual entities are varied across different belief systems. Let's look at the most common ones.

Fallen Angels

According to religious traditions, demons are believed to be angels who rebelled against divine authority and were cast out of heaven. They are often depicted as tempters and agents of evil.

Spiritual Corruption

The spiritual corruption theory of demons proposes that demons are the result of spiritual decay or perversion. According to this theory, these entities were not always malevolent. Rather, they devolved over time due to their separation from divine principles or rejection of spiritual truths.

From this perspective, demons may have originated as divine beings or entities with positive intentions but became corrupted through their own choices or external influences. This corruption could manifest in various ways, such as embracing selfishness, indulging in destructive behaviors, or succumbing to the allure of power and control.

As these entities distance themselves from love, harmony, and higher spiritual principles, they become increasingly entrenched in darkness and negativity. Over time, their malevolent tendencies intensify, leading them to oppose divine order and actively seek to disrupt or hinder spiritual growth and evolution.

The spiritual corruption theory emphasizes the importance of maintaining spiritual integrity and alignment with divine principles to avoid falling prey to demonic influences. It highlights the inherent dangers of straying from the path of light and underscores the need for us to cultivate virtues such as compassion, integrity, and humility to resist the temptations of darkness.

Psychological Manifestations

This theory suggests that demonic entities are symbolic representations of deep-seated psychological phenomena within the human psyche. According to this paradigm, demons do not exist as literal external entities but rather as manifestations of internal psychological dynamics, fears, and conflicts.

In this view, demonic entities represent aspects of the human subconscious that are often suppressed or repressed. These can include unresolved traumas, fears, desires, and negative emotions such as guilt, shame, and rage.

When these aspects of the psyche are denied or ignored, they can manifest symbolically as demonic entities in dreams, hallucinations, and psychological disturbances.

Furthermore, psychological manifestations of demons may arise in response to societal or cultural influences, such as religious indoctrination or moral teachings that demonize certain behaviors or attributes. Individuals may internalize these beliefs and project them onto their psyche, leading to the creation of demonic archetypes that embody perceived moral transgressions or forbidden desires.

Ultimately, this theory emphasizes the importance of inner exploration and self-awareness in confronting and transcending the darker aspects of the human psyche.

Interdimensional Beings

Some theories propose that demons and negative entities come from alternate dimensions or parallel realities. They enter our world through portals or energetic disturbances, seeking to influence or feed off human energy.

Cosmic Balance

Demons and negative entities are sometimes viewed as necessary aspects of the cosmic balance. In our world of polarity, they serve as catalysts for growth and transformation, challenging individuals to confront and overcome their shadow aspects in order to facilitate spiritual evolution.

Energetic Attachments

Negative entities may attach themselves to individuals or locations due to energetic imbalances, unresolved traumas, and emotional vulnerabilities. They feed off negative energy and seek to perpetuate their existence by influencing their hosts.

The Torment Inflicted by Negative Energies and Entities

Negative entities can inflict profound torment upon individuals, affecting their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Those susceptible to their influence may experience a range of symptoms, including heightened anxiety, depression, unexplained physical ailments, disturbances in their environment, and more.

These beings know that we are all telepathic, and they take advantage of this fact by feeding thoughts to people. They know that often a person will think these thoughts are there own, and that they are defective in some way because of them. Frequently, and understandably, many are reluctant to speak about these experiences to other people.

Additionally, some may endure recurring nightmares, feelings of oppression, and a sense of being watched or followed.


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A Special Word About Children and Lightworkers

Negative entities may attach to children due to their innocence and openness, while they may target lightworkers to disrupt their spiritual work and spread darkness. Lightworker children are often visited early in life by these entities.

It is important to reassure children that they are never alone and that they have the power within themselves to overcome any challenges they may face in their spiritual journey.

Encourage open communication and provide a supportive environment where they feel free to express their thoughts, fears, and experiences without fear of judgement, ridicule, or punishment.

In my experience, introducing children to the concept of guardian angels and spirit guides has proven to be one of the most impactful methods for fostering empowerment.

Preventing Human Spirits from Moving on After Death

Negative entity attachments can impede the transition of human spirits to the afterlife, trapping them in a state of limbo, unrest, and fear.

Unresolved trauma, attachments to the material world, and the influence of malevolent forces can hinder the soul's journey beyond the earthly realm. Furthermore, the fear of judgment or punishment may compel spirits to linger, unable to find solace or redemption.

For more information about this phenomenon, check out this recent article I wrote about human spirit attachments.

Feeding off Negative Energy

Negative entities thrive on chaos and discord, seeking to disrupt harmony and sow division wherever they go. They may haunt tormented individuals that often emit heightened levels of such energies for various reasons—including feeding off of negative emotions, exploiting vulnerabilities, and aggravating psychological disturbances.

Negative entities often exacerbate preexisting psychological disturbances in tormented individuals, such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis. By amplifying these disturbances, they can further destabilize the individual's mental and emotional state, deepening their torment.

Exploiting Vulnerabilities

Tormented individuals may be more psychologically and spiritually vulnerable, making them easier targets for this type of manipulation and influence. Negative entities may exploit these vulnerabilities to exacerbate the individual's suffering and maintain control over them.

Resonance with Darkness

Tormented individuals may already be in a state of spiritual turmoil or darkness, which resonates with the malevolent energies of negative entities. They may be drawn to such individuals due to resonance with their dark nature (vibrational matching), intensifying the individual's suffering through their presence and influence.

Signs and Symptoms of Entity Attachments

Recognizing the signs of entity attachments is an essential first step toward effectively addressing these phenomena. While this list is not all-inclusive or completely diagnostic, some common symptoms include:

  • Seeing them.

    • Many children and some adults see them with their physical eyes.

    • Many people see them psychically, while in meditative states.

    • They will often take different forms, depending on the most effective to invoke fear. I have heard stories of them looking like skeletons coming out of the wall, scary monsters, spiders, traditional devil archetypes, and more.

  • Invasive and disturbing thoughts.

  • Sudden changes in mood or behavior.

  • Unexplained physical ailments.

  • Feelings of being touched or held down.

  • Recurring nightmares.

  • The feeling of being watched or followed.

  • Disturbances in the environment that cannot be explained, such as:

    • Strange noises

    • Objects moving on their own

    • Sudden temperature drops

    • Electronic disturbances

    • I have even heard of pipes bursting repeatedly.

Identifying Entity Attachments in Physical Locations

Negative entity and demonic attachments can also manifest in physical locations, leaving behind traces of their presence. Places with a history of violence, trauma, or spiritual unrest are particularly susceptible to such influences.

Signs of entity attachments in physical locations may include feelings of heaviness or dread, unexplained phenomena like some of the signs mentioned above, and a palpable sense of unease or discomfort.

Strategies for Avoidance and Removing Negative Energies and Entities

Preventing and removing negative entity/demonic attachments requires a multifaceted approach to spiritual wellness. Creating a safe and empowered spiritual environment is essential. Moreover, it's vital to understand a fundamental truth:

Negative entities are repelled by the vibrations of love and gratitude.

As spiritual beings, we possess inherent strength when we resonate in love and gratitude. Negative entities can only exert harm upon us if we believe it to be so and consistently resonate in negativity.

Therefore, cultivating a mindset of love and gratitude is essential for both avoiding and dispelling negative entities.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and surrounding oneself with positive influences are crucial for cultivating a resilient spiritual immune system.

Establishing energetic boundaries, practicing grounding techniques, and invoking divine protection can also help ward off malevolent influences.

Here are some gentle and effective techniques that can also be used to assist and empower sensitive children.

Visualization and Protective Shields

Imagine yourself surrounded by a bright, glowing light or a bubble of protection that acts as a barrier against negative energies.

Visualize this shield whenever feeling scared or sensing negativity. You can imagine the shield becoming stronger and more impenetrable with each breath you take. Remember that intention and the ability to visualize are two of the most important components of manifestation.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can raise your vibration if done fearlessly and in the faith that you are protected.

Repeating positive affirmations daily, such as: "I am safe and protected," "I am surrounded by love and light," or "Only positive energies are welcome in my space" helps reinforce a sense of security and empowerment.

Prayer and Meditation

Expressing gratitude to our higher selves, guides, and guardians, meditation, and positive affirmations such as "I am surrounded by divine light and protection" or "I am safe and shielded from all negativity" can help us feel a stronger connection to our inner strength and the higher powers that guide and protect us.

Setting Boundaries

Set clear boundaries with any negative entities encountered. Without anger, resentment, or fear, you can assertively declare that you do not consent to any form of intrusion or interference in your energy field or physical space.

Calling upon Higher Powers

Call upon your spiritual guides, guardian angels, and/or another higher power (such as Archangel Michael or the Christ energies) for protection and assistance. You can invoke these benevolent beings by simply thanking them for their presence, guidance, and protection.

In my experience, introducing children to the concept of guardian angels and spirit guides has proven to be one of the most impactful methods for fostering empowerment.

Energy Clearing and Cleansing

Keeping your energy field unblocked, balanced, and strong is particularly important for avoiding negative entity influence, attachment, and possession.

Smudging with sage or palo santo, using sound vibrations with bells or singing bowls, or spraying purified water infused with essential oils will help your energy field, but, in most cases, will not remove a negative entity.

Grounding and Connection with Nature

Regular grounding practices are essential for maintaining a strong and vibrant aura, ensuring optimal energy flow and protection against energetic disturbances.

Work on fostering a deep connection with nature by spending time outdoors, exploring natural surroundings, and connecting with the elements.

Nature has a healing and protective energy that can strengthen our spiritual resilience. Grounding, also known as Earthing, facilitates a harmonious exchange of energy between the physical body and the Earth's electromagnetic field, which in turn strengthens the aura.

When we connect with the Earth's energy through direct contact, such as walking barefoot on grass or soil, we absorb an abundance of negative ions, which are beneficial for our overall well-being. These negative ions help to neutralize excess positive charges in the body and help cleanse the aura of energetic debris, promoting balance and vitality.

By enhancing the body's electrical balance and clearing stagnant energy, grounding helps make the aura more resilient to external influences and improves our overall energetic health.

Maintaining a High Vibration

Focus on activities and thoughts that uplift your vibration and energy, such as practicing gratitude, engaging in creative pursuits, and surrounding yourself with positive influences.

Sacred Objects

Sacred objects such as crystals and spiritual symbols that hold personal significance can serve as tangible reminders of protection and strength. Additionally, some crystals can strengthen our energies and offer degrees of protection.

Seek Professional Help

By employing methods like energy clearing, spiritual intervention, and invoking divine guidance, you can effectively avoid negative entities and restore balance to disrupted energies on your own.

In cases where entity attachments are already present or are stubbornly attached, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified spiritual counselor or psychic medium.

In Summary: Embracing the Light and Overcoming Darkness

In conclusion, negative energies and entities - including demonic attachments - represent complex manifestations of spiritual forces that challenge our understanding of the universe.

By exploring their origins, effects, and manifestations, people can empower themselves to navigate these realms with better clarity and resilience.

Remember, the power to overcome such challenges lies within you, if you embrace guidance from the light of divine love and wisdom.

Through spiritual awareness, emotional resilience, and a steadfast commitment to inner growth, we can transcend the shadows and embrace the boundless possibilities of the human spirit.

Do you need help removing negative entities? I'm an experienced medium who can assist you remotely or in person. Book a session here.


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