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What is a Spirit Attachment? Understanding, Recognizing, and Dealing with Them

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Spirit attachments are more common than you may think, and they can happen to anyone. It is estimated that 70-80% of people and places have this type of attachment, and in my practice, I find that to be true.

A spirit attachment is situation where the spirit of a deceased person connects itself to another person or place after death of the physical body. We call this an Earthbound spirit or ghost. It is worth noting that non-human entities can also attach with a much darker agenda - to feed off of chaos and negative emotions, but that is a topic for another article that I will be writing in the coming months.

As a psychic medium and grief counselor, I've seen firsthand the effects of spirit attachments. From minor disturbances to severe disruptions, these attachments can vary greatly in their impact. Given that spirit attachments can affect anyone, it's crucial to try and prevent them, and when that is not possible, to intervene as quickly as possible.

In this article, I explore some common reasons why spirits don't cross over, how to recognize their presence, as well as some useful strategies for avoiding and dealing with them.

Understanding Spirit Attachments

Spirit attachments occur when a spirit becomes attached to a person, object, or location, often due to unresolved issues, unfulfilled desires, and/or not recognizing they are no longer physical.

These attachments can range from benevolent to malevolent and may manifest in various ways, including physical sensations, emotional and physical disturbances, as well as other unexplained phenomena such as footsteps and other noises, malfunctioning lights and other electronics, inexplicable odors, hearing voices/whispers, and more. We will explore that more after looking at some reasons why spirits choose to stay.

Why Spirits Don't Cross Over

While we always have guides to assist us with the transition after death of the physical body, it is always possible for a spirit to choose to stay behind.

This concept is deeply rooted in various cultural and religious beliefs, as well as paranormal theories, and supported by the work of countless mediums. Here are some common explanations.

Unfinished Business

A spirit may linger on Earth if they feel they have unfinished business and/or unresolved issues from their life. This could include things like seeking justice for their death, completing a mission or task they were unable to fulfill in life, or simply wanting to say goodbye to loved ones.

Other common reasons spirits don't cross over include fear of what is next to come, confusion about where to go next, and not understanding that they no longer have a physical body.

Traumatic Death

Spirits of people who died suddenly, violently, or under traumatic circumstances are more likely to linger on Earth. The shock or confusion surrounding their death may prevent them from immediately transitioning to the afterlife.

Additionally, sometimes, especially after trauma and sudden death, a spirit doesn't recognize that their body has died, and they continue to try and function in the physical realm.

Dying While Heavily Sedated or Confused

Similar to when a person dies traumatically, when a person dies while confused or heavily medicated with mind-altering substances, as is often the case with hospital and hospice deaths, their confusion may prevent them from transitioning right away.

Attachment to a Place or Object

Some spirits feel tied to specific locations and/or objects due to strong emotional attachments formed during their lifetime. They may linger in these places or around these objects, unable or unwilling to move on.

Fear of Judgment

Spirits may fear judgment or punishment in the afterlife, leading them to linger on Earth rather than face their fate. I experienced this personally with a spirit whose grandmother told them repeatedly that they were going through "a meat grinder to hell." The fear that was repeatedly provoked in him as a child, in an attempt to make him a better person, was enough to hold him back spiritually when he died.

Assistance to Loved Ones

Some spirits may choose to remain on Earth temporarily to try and provide guidance, protection, or comfort to their living loved ones.

Torment by Other Spiritual Entities

Beliefs regarding the torment of human spirits by demons post-death are diverse across cultures, religions, and paranormal beliefs. Some religious doctrines include teachings on demonic punishment in the afterlife, attributing it to divine judgment for evil deeds. Mythologies and folklore worldwide also depict encounters between human spirits and demons after death, featuring themes of spiritual conflict and temptation.

Additionally, many individuals recount personal experiences or near-death encounters involving malevolent entities, often describing torment and fear inflicted by them. In my own practice, I have seen this as well.

Before going further, I believe it's important to note that, based on my studies and practice, I do not believe a soul can be trapped unless it believes it to be true. If an individual strongly believes that their soul can be trapped, they may inadvertently manifest or invite experiences that align with that belief, reinforcing their conviction in the process.

When a person dies with a negative entity attachment, they may have difficulty crossing over, as the entity attachment is draining to the person's energy while alive and often conveys chaotic and negative emotions to the mind of the person, leading them to die in a state of disharmony.

Additionally, negative entities, or demons, can influence the spirits of deceased humans who haven't crossed over. Demons prey on vulnerable and weakened spirits, exploiting their fears, regrets, and unresolved issues to keep them trapped in a state of torment and preventing them from moving on. Again, the spirit always has a choice to move on, but may choose to focus on fear and torment instead.

It is interesting to note that the Tibetan Book of the Dead advises individuals encountering spiritual obstacles or malevolent entities to remain steadfast and focused on their journey toward enlightenment.

The English translation of this advice reads something like:

"If the deceased encounter terrifying beings or spirits attempting to obstruct their journey, they should not be frightened but rather should recognize them as projections of their own mind. They should maintain their courage, resolve, and determination to proceed on their path, even if they must forcefully repel these apparitions. By doing so, they can continue their journey through the bardos with clarity and purpose, ultimately attaining liberation."

Through fostering inner strength, clarity of spiritual purpose, and establishing connections to higher sources of guidance and protection while in the physical realm, anyone can reduce their vulnerability to the notion of soul entrapment and traverse the spiritual realm successfully.

A Word About Energy Imprints

While different than a spirit attachment, energy imprints or residual hauntings can be thought of as a recording of past events imprinted on an environment and lacking consciousness, while a ghost is the conscious spirit of a deceased person, retaining individual identity, awareness, and potential interaction with the living or environment.

Recognizing Spirit Attachments

Recognizing spirit attachments requires sensitivity to subtle energetic shifts and intuitive insights. Here are some signs that may indicate the presence of a spirit attachment.

Unexplained Mood Swings

Sudden and unexplained changes in mood or emotions, particularly when entering specific locations or interacting with certain individuals.

Physical Sensations

Sensations of heaviness, pressure, discomfort, or other sensations in specific areas of the body, without discernible causes.

Unexplained Phenomena

Strange occurrences such as shadows, smells, objects moving on their own, electronic disturbances, footsteps, and other unexplained noises without logical explanation.

Intuitive Insights

Intuitive feelings or insights that suggest the presence of an external energy or entity influencing thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Many people describe "just knowing" when they are in the presence of an Earthbound spirit or dark entity.

Animal Reactions

Animals, particularly dogs and cats, have heightened senses that allow them to perceive subtle energies and supernatural presences that humans do not detect in the same way.

This heightened sensitivity may manifest as unusual behavior, such as barking, watching something you cannot see, growling, hissing, or appearing agitated or fearful without a discernible cause.

Avoiding Spirit Attachments

Anyone can get a spirit attachment, and avoiding them involves maintaining consistent emotional and spiritual hygiene measures as well as utilizing practices from energy medicine to safeguard one's aura. Here's a guide on how to protect yourself.

Cultivate Positive Emotions

Difficult emotions (especially when prolonged) such as fear, anger, and grief can weaken your energetic boundaries and make you more susceptible to spirit attachments. Additionally, because of vibrational matching, persistent negative emotions are a risk factor for negative spirits attaching.

It is important to reprogram old thought habits that no longer serve your spiritual evolution with the practice of energy hygiene. Practice cultivating positive emotions like love, gratitude, and compassion to strengthen your aura and create a protective barrier against negative energies.

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish clear boundaries in your personal and spiritual life to prevent unwanted spirit intrusions. Clearly, and avoiding anger and fear, communicate your intentions and desires to the spiritual realm, making it known that you only welcome benevolent energies into your space.

Get Rid of Items That Don't Feel Right

Keep your living space free of clutter and negative items. In some cases, a spirit will inhabit a doll or other object, such as a picture, that has a face. If it feels scary or just "not right" in some way, trust your intuition and get rid of it.

Regular Energy Clearing and Blessing

Perform regular energy clearing practices to cleanse your aura and remove any negative or stagnant energy that may attract spirit attachments.

While techniques such as Reiki, smudging with sage or palo santo, using crystals, and taking salt baths won't cross a spirit over, they can help purify your energetic field and living space, thereby helping to prevent negative spirits from attaching.

Grounding and Energy Work

Grounding techniques help anchor your energy to the Earth, making it more difficult for unwanted spirits to attach themselves to you. Practice grounding exercises such as walking barefoot in nature, visualizing roots extending from your feet into the earth, or engaging in mindful activities like gardening and cooking.

Your aura serves as a protective shield against external influences, including spirit attachments. Receiving regular energy work and/or using energy medicine techniques on yourself keeps all of your energies stronger and more balanced, which will better protect you from unwanted attachments.

You can also strengthen your aura through practices such as visualization and meditation. Visualize your aura expanding and radiating with vibrant light, creating a barrier that repels negative energies.

Invoke Spiritual Protection

We all have a guardian angels and spirit guides that can provide protection and assistance in keeping negative entities at bay.

You can use prayers, invocations, or rituals to invoke their presence and guidance in maintaining spiritual hygiene and protection. Be specific with your guides and guardians about what you want, and thank them for it as if it has already happened.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding processed foods is crucial for maintaining a strong energy field. Processed foods rob us of energy and can disrupt energy flow and diminish our aura. Nutrient-rich foods support bodily processes, including metabolism, which directly impacts energy levels.

A balanced diet also promotes overall well-being, helps keep the chakras open and strong, enhances immune function, and helps regulate mood, all of which contribute to a vibrant energy field.

Trust Your Intuition

Pay attention to your intuition and inner guidance, as it can alert you to potential spiritual threats and attachments. Trust your instincts and take measures to protect yourself if you sense any negative energy or presence around you.

By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can strengthen your spiritual defenses and minimize the risk of spirit attachments. Remember that maintaining emotional and spiritual well-being is an ongoing process, and consistent practice is key to keeping your energetic boundaries strong and resilient.

What To Do if You Think You Have a Spirit Attachment

Addressing spirit attachments requires a combination of spiritual practices, energy work, emotional hygiene, and psychic intervention. Here are some strategies for dealing with Earthbound spirits.

Setting Boundaries

Establish firm boundaries with the spirit, clearly communicating your intention for them to leave and no longer influence your energy or space. It is important to avoid anger and resentment when doing this.

Clearing and Cleansing

If setting boundaries is not effective, with as much love and gratitude as you can muster, call on the Higher Selves of any and all Earthbound spirits that are attached to you, your home, or someone you care about, to retrieve those spirits, taking them to where it serves the highest good.

Engage in spiritual practices such as smudging with sage or palo santo, using holy water, or performing rituals to cleanse yourself and your space of any remaining negative energies afterwards.

Seek Spiritual Guidance

If you are unable to get the spirit to leave with the above measures, consult with a psychic or spiritual counselor who specializes in spirit attachment removal. They can provide insight into the nature of the attachment and facilitate its release through energy work and spiritual intervention.

Healing and Resolution

Address any underlying issues or unresolved emotions that may be attracting or sustaining the spirit attachment. Engage in healing practices such as meditation, therapy, and energy healing to release emotional baggage and restore balance.

In Summary

Spirit attachments are a complex aspect of our human experience, requiring sensitivity, discernment, and spiritual intervention for resolution. Through understanding why spirits attach and identifying the risk factors for getting spirit attachments, it is much more likely that you will be able to help others and to live your life free of their influence.

Anyone can learn to clear a spirit attachment, and by learning and employing efficient methods for addressing them, individuals and families can regain their vitality, establish balance in their lives, nurture spiritual evolution, and recover.

Trust in your intuition, seek support when needed, and approach the process with openness and courage, knowing that you are supported by the guiding forces of the universe in your journey toward spiritual knowledge and liberation.

If you are in need of professional assistance, at Sacred Awaken, I am happy to evaluate your paranormal situation during a psychic reading to identify if there is a spirit or entity attachment present as well as to offer you guidance on how to best proceed. This can be done in-person or remotely, and I have successfully taught a countless number of people to clear attachments from themselves, their homes/properties, and loved ones.

I also offer a variety of other remote and in-person services to help in these types of situations, including home and property blessings, psychic development mentoring and psychic classes (including teaching spellwork to remove spirits), energy work and sound therapy to open the chakras and strengthen the aura, grief counseling, health and life coaching, and more.

I hope this article was helpful to you, and if you know someone else that might be helped by it, please share.

If you would like to be notified of future articles, events, and specials, please consider subscribing to Sacred Awaken website.

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