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Come Experience a New Level of Healing

Monthly Energy Maintenance Subscription

Seeking a balanced, grounded life with limited time? Explore the Monthly Energy Maintenance Program as your solution!


Elevate your well-being with this Monthly Energy Maintenance Program, and experience profound balance and grounding, no matter where you are.


I am an expert in distance energy healing techniques, and I have helped numerous people gain a better quality of life after receiving consistent and regular energy work with this subscription.


When we work together in this way, I use Reiki and Energy Medicine to collaborate with your spirit guides and your higher self for the harmonization of your energies (Meridians, Aura, Chakras, Polarity, Tibetan Rings/Celtic Weave, Energy Grid and more) 2-3 times per week (depending on how your energy is doing, I may do more adjustments in the first week or two of the month).

Consistent and systematic energy balancing removes energy blocks, reestablishes healthy energetic flow, raises your vibrational frequency, and allows you a better connection to the healing benefits of Earth's energy, as well as to your true self.


Invest in yourself today!

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