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Testimonials & Psychic Reviews

See what my clients have to say about their experiences working with me. 

The first time I met Michelle, it was as if I had known her for a lifetime. The knowledge and abilities she possesses, are absolutely amazing. As a mentor, she has guided me through my own spiritual journey, while helping me understand other encounters along the way. Months ago, I began having horrible nightmares, which also came with the physical and mental traumas. I could literally sense evil in my house and see what I would call, dark shadow type person. I had never felt fear like this before. With Michelle’s psychic abilities, she was able to see there was a strong, demonic entity in my house. After coaching me through getting rid of the entity, I’ve become stronger, and no longer afraid. Michelle has been a godsend in my life, and a true blessing. ~ D.D.

"Meeting Michelle has been such an integral part of my soul's evolutionary journey. After the loss of my best friend to suicide, I booked an appointment with Michelle for a reading. She is highly intuitive, able to connect with spirits and help earthbound spirits cross over, and helps people develop their own gifts. I have appreciated and resonated with her and her services so much that I've started taking classes with her to develop my own healing gifts. She genuinely seeks to assist others in attuning with higher vibrational energies and was able to connect with my loved ones. She graciously helped my partner's father's earthbound spirit cross over after my partner unsuspectingly walked into the room during a reading. I recommend Michelle to all my close friends and would recommend her to anyone who has faced the loss of a loved one, for anyone in need of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, as well as anyone seeking to understand energy and spirit work better. Thank you Michelle for all your help and support!" ~Keely

"Michelle helped me change my life around. She's the most powerful Lightworker I've ever met." ~Melissa

"There really are no words to adequately describe the immense gratitude and love that I have for Michelle. This is really personal, but by sharing it, I hope that others might find the exquisitely beautiful peace and healing that Michelle has blessed us with also. When I first came to know Michelle my precious child, my teenage daughter, was suicidal and was in deep torment. She was filled with anger and rage, and didn't care if she died. She wanted to die. I was in the lowest place of my life as well, and my heart was filled with despair and deep overwhelming grief. We had spirits messing with us, and we didn't know nearly anything about what was happening. Right away Michelle knew what was going on. She casts out the troublesome spirits and has been doing energy work on us ever since. Because of the situation, I had Michelle do remote work on us, the rest of my family, and actually several other people I knew going through tough times too. I have literally witnessed the dispelling of these spirits and I have seen angels as well. This experience, this painful, dark night of the soul experience propelled my life forward into the greatest awareness and awakening I have ever known. All through Michelle's work and practice. Michelle, I never knew that my life could be as blessed and wonderful as it is. There is no way possible for me, or my family, to go back to the ignorant life we were living before. All this was many years ago, but I still have Michelle do remote work on my entire family. It is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent. I have actually known several healers and psychics, but no one ever came close to how powerful and knowledgeable Michelle is. Not only did she save my daughter's life, but she has also brought me to my life's purpose, and has touched my soul in the most beautiful way possible. Now I am living a life of service and love. I am realizing my spiritual gifts and talents and I am a shining light to others. I must also say, Michelle has the most nonjudgmental and peaceful presence. I used to feel shame and guilt and was nervous around people, especially healers and such. But from the first time I met her, Michelle put me at ease . Her presence is so compassionate and loving. I recommend Michelle to just about everyone I know. She is a true and extremely talented healer. I live in a completely different town, and she still lifts me up, and helps my family get through the struggles of life. Her insight and clarity are just as profound as her healings. Thank you Michelle, every day of my life, I thank you." ~Michelle

"I absolutely love Michelle’s sound healing sessions. The combination of crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, solfeggio frequencies, and light language is simply divine! I always walk away clear and often receive inspirational downloads. I enjoy listening to light language, and after a sound bath, Michelle sent me an activation so I can speak it myself. I was unsure what would happen, but sure enough, since my activation with Michelle I surprised myself and have been using light language, which I find instantly raises my vibration. It’s amazing. I’m excited to see what’s to come, and grateful to be able to work with/receive sound healing from Michelle! Thanks for all you do." ~Karly

"My experience was nothing short of amazing. She connected with my mom for me and gave me so much help through such a horrible time. Truly a blessing to have. Found her visited her when she lived in Medford. Now me and a family member are traveling to her in Eugene to visit again. Her gift is a blessing to many." ~Renee

"I found Michelle at a time of chaos in my home. I can't recommend her enough! My family had been in turmoil as was falling apart. After discovering that we have 2 family members with abilities, we have used her for cleansing our property and personal attachments as well as Reiki and energy work remotely. She has been there every step of the way to help guide us on this new journey and help us understand the paths ahead. She truly is a gem and has helped us through enlightenment and awakenings. It can be hard to reach out for help and when you feel as though you are half crazy and maybe your imagination is taking over, IT'S NOT! Michelle is not only a wonderful healer, but also has compassion and willingness to explain what is going on. We have had a couple of emergency situations and she has been our saving grace. Thank you Michelle for all you do, and for being a part of our little family." ~Heather

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"I was divinely guided to Michelle the end of last year after relocating from Nevada. After a very difficult car accident and finally feeling awake for the first time in my life, Michelle was the first person to actually reassure me that I wasn't alone on this journey. Michelle is one of the most compassionate and patient souls I have ever encountered. She has been helping me through my spiritual awakening journey and transitioning into the gifted life I've been seeking. Michelle not only takes her time deeply understanding how she can help you but she is also able to connect with other consciousness which brings in an entirely different way of healing. From the inside out. She works with you on spiritual level which I feel activates your growth just by receiving her Reiki and channeling services. I could be here all day sharing the many amazing experiences we have shared at our sessions! The property we purchased had 11 spirits attached to it that of which were causing uncomfortable situations around our property and inside the shop. After Michelle came by and took a visit she was able to help those spirits cross over and no longer be stuck here anymore. There was a horrible smell in the shop before Michelle did this and it had been there since we bought the place a few months back. Everyone was a bit uncomfortable in the shop as well. After she guided the spirits to crossover the smell has completely vanished. My entire family is so thankful for her abilities.If you were looking to begin a deep healing journey or would just like to be able to learn how to connect on a different level you should give Michelle a call!" ~Stefanie

"Michelle is the rare gem of a practitioner who is able to coalesce her formal science education, training, and experience in nursing with her intuitive and high-level psychic connections in order to provide her clients with impactful healing sessions. Meeting clients' specific healing intentions are her only objective - as if her clients are THE most important priority in the entire world during the session. Addressing the deep needs of body, mind, and spirit, her ability to be fully present, engaged, and focused on the objectives of her clients is unparalleled. Michelle's psychic readings, energy healings, and Light Language healings have always been on-point, tremendously relevant and applicable to my current life experiences. I've received numerous energy work sessions from her, and I am consistently astonished by her ability to simultaneously facilitate peace, connection, grounding, and ease within my body, as well as within my spirit. In a society where people often feel unseen, unheard, or insignificant, Michelle's gifts, talents, and insights return balance, buoyancy and rejuvenation to the soul." ~Suzy

"Michelle has given me some amazing insight through her ability to communicate with my family members who have passed away. I have been able to communicate with them in ways that have helped my family and I immensely. I can't thank her enough and I highly recommend her as a medium and an animal communicator as well. She is amazing at what she does!" ~LG

"To say that Michelle has changed my life for the better would be an extreme understatement. Her energy work on me makes life more manageable, more joyful and less overwhelming. Her guidance and mentor-ship is full of wisdom, light and positivity. Do yourself a favor and utilize one of her many gifts. Your spirit will thank you." ~Megan

"Michelle is an excellent practitioner with a huge amount of experience and caring. I have had the pleasure of participating in her meditation groups and one-on-one sessions to get insight into my struggles as well as progressing my spirituality. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I also began my training as a spiritual practitioner through her careful and caring guidance." ~Vivian

"I have had many healers throughout my life and Michelle is at the top. She knows the body and can immediately locate the cause of discomfort. She has an incredible connection to what is happening in the body and with the gift of her hands is able to alleviate the pain and suffering. I highly recommend her services!!!" ~Dawn

"I love my sessions with Michelle. Her work is a demonstration of how intuition and excellent training combine to provide a stellar experience on the table. Most of all, I appreciate how Michelle works with both the physical and energetic aspects of the body, and I come away feeling wholly attended to. I highly recommend her work." ~Janie

"Michelle is a natural healer. She is a rare blend of compassionate professional and intuitive technician. Her background bridges several disciplines that, in her hands, are pain relieving, therapeutic, curative, and soothing. She is an authentic person whose sensitivities allow her to tune in and get to the core of the problem. If you’ve experienced other therapies that have helped minimally or provided temporary relief and you’re still experiencing pain or discomfort, I would highly recommend you see Michelle! She’s been an amazing healer for me!" ~Ed

"Michelle is so wonderful. I traveled from Medford to see her! During my appointment she was able to help me make sense of a lot of things that were going on. She did the energy healing, singing bowls, chakra aligning and everything else she does in her time with you (I can’t remembered everything exactly because I was in the zone) She was also able to release this tightness in my neck that had been bothering me for weeks! It was such a relief. At one point I could feel her fingers moving around the energy in my neck! It felt so good! It was awesome! I can’t wait to go see her again! There’s so much more I want to learn from her. Oh wait.. there’s more! I also went to one of her signing bowl group classes prior to my one on one with her. What I liked most about that was the connection to spirit she communicated with us. She even sent us a copy of what she shared with us during the class, the message from spirit, Via email. I thought that was really unique and special because as time goes by you can forget exactly what was said so it’s nice to have a reminder to go back to." ~RT

"I picked Michelle for energy work because of her nursing degree. I figured anyone that committed would know what they were doing and I was right! She's fixed so much in me; hips, shoulders, neck etc. I had never done energy work before and now I'm hooked! She also did energy work on my dog and located a tumor! She was able to communicate with him and it was amazing. I highly recommend Michelle. I think she's fantastic!" ~MJ

"I started working with Michelle when the ER tried to say I had trigeminal neuralgia and it was really a tooth issue. I knew then that I needed to get in communication with my body and self. My system had been disrupted for years. After my 90 min session with Michelle WOW I felt so much better. She sent me wonderful tools to help me keep my aura in place balance my poles and strengthen my chakras. I am still setting my daily self care routine incorporating those tools. I have also participated in her light language session and WOW if you have never experienced any of this and you feel called to try please do as this is a large shift for all of us at this time and we are recalling our soul truths and purpose. Even if you fret what will my friends think never mind them they will see and feel the difference in you and possibly seek their own energy sessions." ~Claire

"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have found Michelle! She is such a gifted, talented, and compassionate soul! She has helped me tremendously on my journey towards healing! Her ability to pinpoint exactly what is going on in my mind, my body, and my soul is astounding! She has helped point me in the right direction for supplementation and my new favorite Energy Work, which has greatly improved my progress. Her mediumship is most impressive and so very very comforting! Michelle's work environment is always clean, inviting, and ever so peaceful, thus why I never want to leave... literally! I cannot recommend her enough, but don't want to too much because I don't want all her slots to fill up... Got to save some for me... lol!!! But if you need healing, soul work, rejuvenation, relaxation, or just some good ol' pampering, Michelle is the best choice by far! Thank you Michelle for all you do, for sharing your gifts, and for bringing hope and light to this world!" ~Lauren

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