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Mediumship & Manifestation Class

Service Description

This class during the first quarter moon is an opportune time to delve deeper into unlocking your innate psychic and mediumship abilities, as well as honing your skills in manifestation. With the First Quarter Moon illuminating your path, it presents an ideal time to assess your intentions and fine-tune plans, ensuring you navigate toward your spiritual goals with clarity and purpose. This timing supports a unique vantage point, allowing you to reflect on your journey so far and envision where you aspire to be. I am excited to help empower you for that! This workshop in Junction City, Oregon is designed to give you the introductory knowledge and practical skills to tap into your spiritual potential and start shaping the life you desire. It is for anyone interested in learning about spiritual and psychic abilities, including how to connect with the higher self, angels, departed loved ones, and guides as well as how to write basic spells & clear spirit attachments. Don't miss out on this cosmic opportunity! INFORMATION ON THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS WILL BE PRESENTED: Psychic abilities and how they manifest How to develop your abilities Mediumship basics & development Intro to writing spells & clearing spirit attachments

Contact Details

  • 750 W 10th Ave, Junction City, OR, USA

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