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June Sound Baths

Service Description

Join me for one of the June sound bath sessions. In this small gathering, you will be immersed in the therapeutic sounds of crystal and tibetan singing bowls, Solfeggio chimes, light language, and a solar flare gong. Let go of tension and find solace in the harmonious frequencies, allowing your body, mind and energies to realign. The transformative power of sound offers opportunity to release energetic blockages and foster deep relaxation. Embrace the essence of summer, a time of renewal and growth. Sound is an ancient form of healing that transforms us on all levels. Here are just a few of the benefits: Releases blocked energy Clears & strengthens energy centers Harmonizes the mind & body Reduces anxiety & stress Balances the brain Assists with pain & relaxation $30 per person

Contact Details

  • 750 W 10th Ave, Junction City, OR, USA

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