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Come Experience a New Level of Healing

Learn the Spirit Release Method

Help Yourself, Help Others, Help Lost Spirits

My method of spirit release, refined through years of dedication, validation, and spiritual communion, is accessible to anyone willing to raise their vibration and focus their intention.

This course includes...

We are not merely passive observers in this world but active co-creators of our reality. This creative power is a divine gift, allowing us to influence and transform the energies around us. When it comes to releasing an earthbound spirit, this power is paramount.

In essence, anyone can master this method of spirit release. By raising your vibration and exerting focused attention, you harness the creative power within you to assist earthbound spirits in finding their way home. This practice not only brings peace to the spirits and provides a service to all of humanity, but also elevates your own spiritual growth and understanding. Embrace your power, and become a beacon of light in the world!


In this course you will:


  • Learn how to effectively raise your vibration to meet spirit

  • Learn how to embed into the spiritual array, communicate with and direct spirits

  • Receive specific and proven step-by-step instructions on releasing Earthbound spirits

  • Learn to protect yourself during spirit release

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