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In-person Reiki & Energy Realignment

Service Description

This combination of therapies includes Reiki, sound therapy, and an energetic scan, repair, and realignment of your energy fields. During this session, I use the Reiki energy and use my knowledge of energy medicine to work with your higher self for the purpose of removing energy blocks, balancing, and repairing your energies. The session includes systematic balancing of the following energies: Aura, chakras, meridians, polarity & grounding, brain energy patterns, Tibetan rings (Celtic Weave), radiant circuits and energy grid. During the session I will also be playing 14 singing bowls (crystal & Tibetan), Solfeggio chimes, a solar flare gong tuned to the Root Chakra & channeled Light Language frequencies. Sound is an ancient form of healing that transforms us on all levels - physical, emotional & spiritual. Light Language brings us into a higher vibrational state for a profound level of healing & activation of our spiritual gifts. I am a psychic nurse with 30 years of professional experience & the ability to sense & make adjustments in the energy fields of others by combining my knowledge of Reiki & Energy Medicine with the ability to channel energy and work with the higher selves of others.

Contact Details

  • 750 W 10th Ave, Junction City, OR, USA

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