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August Sound Baths

Service Description

Immerse yourself in healing sound during this celebration of sound and nature! As we near the full moon on August 19th, these meditative sound baths provide an excellent way to ready oneself for the full moon energies. By tapping into the deep influence of the moon on all living beings, this session presents an ideal chance to cleanse and rejuvenate your energy through harmonic resonance! The vibrations of Light Language, Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls, Sun gong, Sea drum, Solfeggio chimes, and Reiki will help lead you into a meditative state and begin to shift discordant energy patterns, bringing your body into a state of activation and better balance. Sound has been used in healing for thousands of years. Here are some of the benefits: Relaxation and rejuvenation Lowered stress and anxiety Decreased pain Improved mood and sense of well-being Better sleep Heightened focus and energy Open chakras and a stronger aura

Contact Details

  • 750 W 10th Ave, Junction City, OR, USA

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